Spring Creek (State College) PA

Craig's 15" Brown

Craig’s 15″ Brown

After receiving some input from the Flyfisher’s Paradise fly shop (www.flyfishersparadise.com), Tim Brookens, my son Craig and I decided to make a trip to Spring Creek. The input was that BWOs were coming off and fish were rising.

After breakfast at Topp’s Diner in Huntington, PA, we arrived around 10:00 am. No fish rising until around noon and they were sporadic due to the wind. Stream temperature was 40 degrees. Needless to say the wind made the fishing very challenging.

Tim caught a few trout on nymphs but Craig and I stubbornly stuck with dries with less success. Craig did catch a nice 15″ Brown on a flying ant after many refusals of an Olive. We also each stung a fish or 2. I did land one fish on a #24 gray hackle fly and spent an hour getting totally frustrated on an active riser.  I could not solve getting a drag free drift in the wind.

Although not highly successful, it was great breaking the ice. Trout season has arrived!

3 comments on “Spring Creek (State College) PA

  1. Chad Braniff says:

    Took, though I am not a fly fisherman, reading trough your posts was a nostalgic and good read. It is also very inspiring. Good to see you guys still getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. Dad and I are getting excited for Spring Gobbler Season. It’s almost time for some extensive hiking too. Hope all is well. Feel free to contact me some time.

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