Memorial Weekend Fly Fishing on Cumberland Valley Trout Streams

DSCF0413DSCF0416Bernie Patriacca on the Falling Spring

It was a great weekend of fly fishing in spite of heavy winds and cool weather. We had success on the Falling Spring, Conewago Creek, Mountain Creek, Long Pine Dam Run, and the Yellow Breeches.

Fishing with a Red Sox fan: The weekend started with fishing with Bernie Patriacca from Boston who is the Dad of one of my coworkers. Bernie caught his first trout on the Falling Spring and a wild brown on the Yellow Breeches. Good job Bernie! We had a great time together and our camaraderie on the stream proves that even a Yankees fan and Red Sox fan can get along when it comes down to fly fishing. Hope we can do it again. 

Yellow Breeches and Long Pine Dam Run: Sulphurs were the ticket on the Breeches as a hatch came off on Saturday afternoon which resulted in catching 20 wild browns. While I was on the Breeches, my youngest son Craig fished for brookies on Long Pine Dam Run and caught over 30. Craig enticed them with a Crackleback.

Conewago Creek: Craig and I fished Conewago on Sunday afternoon and fish were rising to small Sulphurs and midges. We caught 6 browns and 2 nice rainbows on a #18 Sulphur, a gray hackle midge and cinnamon ant.

Mountain Creek: My middle son, Luke, and I fished Mountain Creek between Fuller and Laurel Lake on Monday morning and caught 9 wild brookies on Caddis. Luke finished out the morning by landing an 11″ wild Brown…a beautiful fish.

Falling Spring: Monday evening on the “the Spring” near Coldbrook avenue was a great ending to the weekend as fish were rising and I managed to fool 9 Browns on a #18 Sulphur.

Like other fly fisherman who live in South Central Pa, we are so lucky to have so may streams and opportunities to catch fish within 30 minutes of driving time. The next adventure is Tioga and Potter counties. Stay tuned!

Turkey Hunting (Forest County) and Trout Fishing (Tionesta Creek, North Fork/Redbank,Allegheny River)


Each Spring, we spend a week in early May hunting gobblers in Forest County Pa coupled with trout fishing. Our base is a camp in Marienville,PA owned by my 2 brothers-in-law (Ken and Ron Hill). This year was no different, except for the weather. Cold temperatures mixed with snow and rain made both hunting and fishing a challenge.

Ken (Butch) Hill’s grandson (Barney) did bag a “Jake” while hunting with Butch’s son Lance. Those 3 tagged up on the trout in the afternoon before the weather got nasty on the Tionesta Creek. Ron and I had good success on the North Fork of the Redbank and limited success on the Allegheny River (above Coudersport).

North Fork/Redbank: This stream is located in Brookville, PA and has a fly fishing only area right downtown. Our first day we found a good Caddis hatch and fish rising to both Caddis and midges. In addition to Caddis, we caught fish on Cracklebacks, BWOs, and gray hackle flies. A successful day!  On our second day, the weather turned colder (stream temperature 42 degrees) but there was a great Blue Winged Olive hatch but no fish rising. We’ll be back and with different weather conditions, we believe there will be different results.

Allegheny River: I’ve written about the headwaters of the Allegheny River before, and expect to be back in early June, but again with temperatures in the 40’s, fish were not rising. This was a momentous occasion, though, as we did find one riser in one of our hotspots and Ron made a good cast and caught his first trout (14″ Brownie) on his new Beaver Meadow 7′ fly rod. The fight is shown above. Can’t wait to be back. See you in June ol’ friend!

Yellow Breeches and the Falling Spring

Craig Coder casting on the breechesYesterday, my youngest son, Craig,  and I spent the day fishing the Breeches after meeting my oldest son, TJ, for breakfast. My middle son, Luke, and I fished for a few hours on the Falling Spring today. You might say it was a father-son weekend. I cherished the days spending time with my Dad and Granddad (growing up) and mostly fishing the Conococheague Creek. Even though we used garden hackle (worms) back then, my Dad taught me how to read the water and how to enjoy myself along a trout stream. He also taught me important things like trout stream ethics and to not trash the stream.  It was also a tradition to cook out along the stream on the first day of trout season…..what great memories!  I owe my passion for fishing to my Dad, so I’ve tried to give this same opportunity to my sons as well. TJ is the least passionate of the 3 boys, but when he does go, can cast as good or better than any of us. Sickening!  He is also the only “techy” in the family and helped me set up my blog. Thanks TJ!

As far as the fishing goes, Craig and I caught a dozen wild browns on the upper section of the Breeches using Caddis and Parachute Adams. In the regulation area upstream from Allenberry Playhouse, we caught a handful of fish on #28 midges. There were Caddis and a few Sulphurs in the air,  but the fish were tuned in on the small stuff. The Falling Spring was not much different, as when we found fish rising with any consistency, they were sipping midges. We did each manage to fool a couple with Caddis. Each week keeps getting better, so stay tuned for the next adventure.