Pine Creek and its tributaries

Took Coder on Cedar Run

Took Coder on Cedar Run

Slate Run wild brown


Upper Pine Creek, Gaines:

Since we stay at the Rough Cut Lodge ( for the first two weeks of June, much of our evening fishing and some mornings are done here. We missed the major hatches this year but still had success on smaller flies like BWOs, gray hackle flies and caddis.

Lower Pine Creek, Slate Run:

Ron Hill and I fished lower Pine at Slate Run with the purpose of catching 2 big Browns. Mission accomplished! We caught 2 16″ Browns on size #22 gray hackle flies. Both were “sippers”. It’s amazing how these nice fish will focus on small flies and casting anything bigger gets refused.

Slate Run:

This tributary to Pine Creek is challenging but fun. Although we didn’t catch any lunkers, Ron hooked and lost a couple. We did catch some nice wild fish though- brookies and browns. We always look forward to this adventure.

Cedar Run:

Cedar Run is another tributary to Pine Creek.  Ron Hill and I fished through a canyon that stretches 1.1 mile from a bridge on the lower end to a cabin on the upper end. This was a 6 hour fishing adventure in a serene setting with no access from the road between our parking spots. We caught lots of wild fish…mostly brookies and had a great time.

Ron Hill with big Brown on lower Pine

Ron Hill with big Brown on lower Pine

Tim Brookens 17" rainbow on upper Pine

Tim Brookens 17″ rainbow on upper Pine


Allegheny River , Coudersport, PA

We fished the headwaters of the Allegheny River with limited success twice over the last week. No bugs , low water and even stained water on our first day were all a factor. On the second day we dealt with strong winds.

But, we still caught some fish and had some “firsts”.  Lance Hill and his daughter Johnna joined Ron Hill (fishing buddy and brother-in-law) on the 2nd day with the goal of catching fish on a fly rod. Mission accomplished! Lance caught 3 trout on a parachute Adams and Johnna hooked a fish on a dry fly too.

The second first: Ron hooked a 12″ rainbow on a crackle back. Then, a 20″ rainbow started chasing the hooked fish, grabbed the middle of the fish in its mouth and started running upstream.  Looked like it was going to be a double catch, but the hooked fish was released by the big boy. Rats! Sounds like a fish story but I have a voucher.

Lance Hill casting on the Allegheny

Lance Hill casting on the Allegheny

Lance and Johnna with a nice catch

Lance and Johnna with a nice catch

Ron Hill's attacked rainbow

Ron Hill’s attacked rainbow