Jackson Hole, Wyoming Flyfishing

Little Greys River – no one but me, the River, the Cutthroat and my photographer (Cindy)

Spent a week fly fishing in Jackson Hole. Fortunately, I was able to get some intel from Steve Harry of ‘Wildtrout’ Guiding Service who guided in Jackson Hole for 3 years. Steve also set me up to fish with Jim Dubisz who lives in Alpine, Wy.

A view from Granite Creek

Jim Dubisz on the Flat

Wild Wyoming Cutthroat – Snake River Species

So, I fished the Flat River, Little Greys, Steer Creek,  Hoback River, Granite Creek and Cottonwood Creek. I caught lots of Cutthroat up to 14″. My goal was to land a 20″ Cutthroat – lost 1 and broke off on one on the Flat – so I never sealed the deal.

Except for the Flat, which is located on the Elk Refuge in Jackson, I had the creeks and rivers all to myself. I had the most success on Little Greys but was most intrigued by the Flat – a spring creek which holds large Cutthroat sipping on midges and Olives and very particular.

I just scratched the surface on the fishing opportunities in Jackson Hole. Need more time and money.

3 comments on “Jackson Hole, Wyoming Flyfishing

  1. Jan Jackson says:

    Such a beautiful area! So glad you had an awesome Adventure! 🌞

  2. DOUG GARDNER says:

    Wow that is some beautiful country. I have the feeling you will be back and you will seal the deal on the elusive 20 incher.

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