Pa Grand Canyon fly fishing

Lance Hill’s first Palamino

We made our 20th annual trip to the Pa Grand Canyon. 23 family members enjoyed outdoor activities – Kayaking, Horseback riding, biking, and yes fly fishing.

Stained and high water on the Pine forced us to fish smaller streams when we first arrived so Ron Hill and I fished Slider Run and the headwaters of Kettle Creek for the first time and caught lots of nice brookies. We also had a great day on Cedar Run.

As stream conditions improved, we fished Pine, Kettle and the Allegheny river above
Coudersport. We had good success as fish were active throughout the 10 day trip. Flies of choice were Slate Drakes, Sulphurs, BWOs, Adams, Gray hackles and Cracklebacks.

Ron Hill with nice Allegheny Brown

Cedar Run wild Brown

Cindy Coder horseback riding in Coudersport


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