Trout Unlimited Banquet, Chambersburg PA

The local TU banquet was held at the Marine Corp in Chambersburg, PA on Saturday evening October 19. Consistent with the last few years, we reserve 2 tables for family and friends. We look forward to this event every year as it is a good time to exchange fishing stories, get updated on TU activities, win or take chances on prizes and share a family style meal. This is a great cause and worthwhile for fly fishermen to attend. Local landowners are also in attendance and are given recognition and appreciation for allowing us to traipse on their property. We should not take this for granted.

Also consistent with recent years, my brother-in law Ron Hill and his wife Lynn drive here from New Castle PA to attend. So, I am forced to entertain Ron by taking him fishing. The weather was beautiful on Sunday, the upper section of the Yellow Breeches was in good shape and the fish were actively rising to our flies – parachute adams, BWO, hopper. No monsters, but we quit after landing 24 wild browns, mostly in the 9-10″ range.

 We will be looking forward to next year’s event. Who knows, the big raffle prize may have our name on it and we may even land a big fish. There’s a first time for everything!

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