Yellow Breeches (Allenberry, Barnitz Mill, Stuart Road)

After checking the stream report on the Yellow Breeches Outfitters (, learned that both Grannom Caddis and Hendricksons were hatching. Between Tim Brookens, my son Craig and I, we fished several section of the Breeches and found the hatch to be most prevalent at the Barnitz Mill section. Unfortunately, we had to contend with too many fishermen mostly fishing bait. Between the 3 of us over a couple days of fishing, we caught over 30 fish, mostly on Caddis.

I was fortunate enough to retire the end of March, and received a Sony video camera which can be used underwater. I am in the “work in progress” stage, so the video included is my first shot using my new toy. It shows Craig Coder casting on the section above Stuart Road and a wild Brown after he released it. Hopefully, I will improve on the quality in the future. Stay tuned!

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