Where All Waters are Catch and Release

My name is Took Coder and I am an avid fly fisherman. I got “hooked” on fly fishing about 30 years ago. Since then I have fished numerous streams and rivers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Colorado and Montana. Although I have nothing against those fly fisherman who use nymphs and streamers, I use dry flies exclusively….only because I enjoy trying to match the hatch and the thrill of catching fish rising.

My fishing buddies include my sons Craig and Luke, my brother-in-law Ron Hill and another local Fayetteville boy – Tim Brookens. I will openly be sharing our fishing experiences, where we fish, what we catch fish on.

Please feel free to contact me anytime for any more information you would like on the streams we fish. Contact me at hcoder115@comcast.net

10 comments on “Where All Waters are Catch and Release

  1. Theo says:

    I’m new to fly fishing. I really enjoy your blog. Maybe someday we can wet a line together…
    Good Fishing and Thanks again

  2. tim says:

    Ten years ago I got my first taste of fly fishing when I was invited to tag along with my brother -in-law,John Nittinger and a couple of this buddies from Williamsport,PA. We spent almost two weeks in Montana and Wyoming ,a large part of it hiking and fly fishing many high,remote lakes of the Absaoraka-Beartooth Wildness.It was a great trip and even as a novice fly fisherman I was able to catch many trout. The trip had kindled a fire to pursue trout with the fly rod. Unfornturnately as many of you know, fly fishing can be a very frustrating and humiliating experience. Many aggravating moments to say the least. The ease with which I was able to catch those lake trout was now only a very distant memory in contrast to the fumbling,bumbling fool who couldn’t catch a cold let alone a wary PA limestoner’s trout. My desire to go fly fishing was quickly reaching the same enthusiastic level as going for a colonoscopy. I needed a patient,knowledgable and comical soul to help me out. Enter Took Coder. Took and I go back many years to when we were kids (young teenagers) growing up In Fayetteville. We hung around together some in junior /high school
    and college breaks. Didn’t do any trout fishing then. but we were known to troll the campus for other species. Thats where he learned the importance of making a good presentation. Also getting used to many refusals developed his patience , perseverance and optimisim that next time will be better.You can begin to see why Took has become such an excellent angler.
    More seriosly though ,Took really has been a geart mentor for me. He has more fly fishing experience than most anyone, but he’s in no way arrogant about it. He’s quite the opposite. He offers his help in the sincere hope that it will make someone elses experience more enjoyable. Took knows a lot of different places to fish in Pennsylvania because he’s been there . He’s always willing to share information and looking for new spots to go. He’s never been about “got to catch a lot of fish”. Our trips are more about enjoying the outing.

    • Thanks for the nice comments. You are a great guy to fish with, and I must say a fast learner, and have the knack to catch fish. Most of all you have the passion. Looking forward to some great 2013 adventures.

  3. Randy Breaux says:


    Thanks for letting me tag along on a great trip to the South Holston River in Temnessee! It was a great time, good fishing, excellent accommodations and fantastic friends. I hope you write about the trip on your post. Remember, though not a “purist” like you, I did land a 20″ rainbow!

    All the best,


  4. Braveheart says:

    Sounds like it’s a lot of fun, I must pick up a fly rod again sometime soon, it’s been a long time since I fished!

  5. tony c says:

    very nice

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