Big Hunting Creek, Thurmont, MD

My brother-in law, Doug Gardner, had a great morning on Big Hunting earlier this week.  Doug is an avid outdoorsman and a photographer for “Wired Outdoors”.  “Living to Fish TV” is a new segment for Wired Outdoors.  I would encourage you to check out the videos.

We switched rolls on this trip as Doug fished and I was the photographer (with some coaching). Doug hooked up with at least a dozen fish on an attractor fly – all wild browns with a couple rainbows mixed in.

Big Hunting is catch and release fly fishing only.  It is a classic freestone stream with rocks, boulders. riffles and runs into pockets and pools.  The tree canopy helps keep the water cool during the summer.  If you like “pocket water” fishing , this is a great place to fish.

Doug fishing a Big Hunting “pocket”

Big Hunting Wild

2 comments on “Big Hunting Creek, Thurmont, MD

  1. DOUG GARDNER says:

    As an outdoorsman, every once in a while you have days which stand out more than others this was one of those days. Being able to spend the day fishing under the guidance of an expert fly fisherman was a privilege and scenery was a bonus. Thank you so much Trout Scout!! I can’t wait until the next trip.

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