Savage River, Swanton

Tim Brookens and I made our annual trip to the “Savage”.  This time we made it a two day trip instead of three, so we pitched a tent at the campsite along the river instead of hauling Tim’s camper.

The Savage hasn’t changed – rough water and multiple currents making it a challenge to get a drag free drift. We covered four sections of the river in two days. The goal is to land a wild Brookie or Brown bigger than 12 inches. Fish of this size are the most colorful fish I’ve ever seen.

Day one was uneventful as we caught a handful of small fish. Day two improved as we caught more fish and hooked up with some beauties. Tim landed a pretty brown and I hooked and lost three nice fish. Our most successful flies were a sulphur comparadun and parachute Adams.

Great camping, challenging fishing, the thrill of hooking up with strong wild fish, falling in, sore backs, tiredness…yep that’s the Savage River.

Tim's brown

Tim’s brown



2 comments on “Savage River, Swanton

  1. John Wauls Jr says:

    Took… talked to dewy hutsler and he said you were a avid fly fisher. I’m interested in picking up the sport. would you be able to give me a few pointers sometime?

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