East Branch Conococheague Creek

Hunter Haney's catch on the "Cono"

Hunter Haney’s catch on the “Cono”

11" Native Brookie

11″ Native Brookie

Craig's Brookie

Craig’s Brookie

The East Branch of the Conococheague Creek is located near Caledonia State Park. It is a small stream which flows out of Michaux State Forest. Trout Unlimited recently conducted a project there. Five structural habitat devices were installed to slow the stream velocity and to increase the protection for the native brook trout.

My son Luke and I started fishing the lakebed section of the Birch Run reservoir (drained years ago) last year. My son Craig and grand nephew Hunter Haney fished it this year. The brookies are abundant and casting is tight. Most of these wild beauties are the size of your hand, but there are a few surprises. Craig and I both caught “natives” around 11″ by using caddis and attractor flies in the runs and pools.

See the article on “Parnership in Michaux State Forest” from the TU summer magazine for more details.

One comment on “East Branch Conococheague Creek

  1. Andrew Bogley says:

    Now that’s a trophy native Brookie worth bragging about! Great Report!

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