Codurus Creek (York County, PA)

Craig's beauty

Craig’s beauty

Codurus wild brown

Codurus wild brown

Codurus Creek is a Class A wild brown trout stream. The water temperature remains cold all summer long because the water is released from the bottom of Lake Marburg.

My youngest son, Craig, and I fished Codurus on July 4 and caught 7 decent browns on attractor flies. The last fish of the day was a beauty – a 13-14″ wild brown caught on a Crackleback.

The “Trophy Trout” special regulation section is 3 miles long. I have found the best access points by driving through Porters Sidling on Porters Road off Rt. 116 between Hanover and York. We parked below a small Park and fished upstream from there. Craig’s beauty was caught behind the fire station near Porters Sidling in a stretch we never fished before but we wanted to try before heading home. We only fished this section a short distance….but we’ll be back!

2 comments on “Codurus Creek (York County, PA)

  1. Andrew Bogley says:

    Have not yet fished Codorus, but plan on going there this fall. Great story

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