Cross Fork Creek

Cross Fork Brown

Cross Fork Brown

Cross Fork Wild Brookie

Cross Fork Wild Brookie

Cross Fork Wild BrookieSometimes a day on the creek is not about the quantity but the quality of the fish caught. Today was one of those days.

Cross Fork is a small free stone stream which empties into Kettle Creek in the village of Cross Fork. Ron Hill and I fished in the Catch and Release section in the morning with little action (a few small brookies) until……..Ron hooked into a 16″ Brown followed up by each of us catching another wild brown and 2 wild brookies in the 12-13″ range…all quality fish. We used and attractor fly and the Crackle Back to bring them to the surface,

The nice thing about Cross Fork Creek is that you rarely run into a fisherman. On the way back to the Rough Cut Lodge, we pass the more popular Kettle Creek with at least 20 vehicles parked along the project area. Ron and I had Cross Fork all to ourselves.

3 comments on “Cross Fork Creek

  1. Larry Haney says:


  2. Wish you were here fishing with us.

  3. Colby hill says:

    Cool i hope you had fun im hoping to get going with you today

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