The Yellow Breeches (near Allenberry)

Fishing is a lot like baseball. You can look like the World Series champion one day and then look like the worst team in the league the next. Every day you start out with no runs and no fish. So, here it is……after slaying the fish yesterday on Broad Run, we came close to getting skunked today. We did manage to catch 1 each on #26 midges. Tim “big fish” Brookens caught a 14″ Brook trout. The bottom line was…. very few rises and those were not consistent. Spotted a few Caddis and Hendricksons but not enough to get the fish active. We were a week late!!! We still had a good time and look forward to getting out next weekend and the slate will be clean.

One comment on “The Yellow Breeches (near Allenberry)

  1. Colby hill says:

    Wish u woulda caught more fish

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