Beaver Meadow Fly Rods

One consistent thing about avid fishermen is that if they are not fishing, they are talking about fishing or planning on the next adventure….or buying stuff for fishing. My wife says it’s not a hobby, it’s an obsession. So, after my brother-in-law (Ron Hill) and I canned the fishing plans due to the weather this past weekend,  we immediately got into the “buying stuff” mode. Ron has wanted to buy a small stream rod and based on some previous research, he built his own small stream rod called a “Beaver Meadow” rod  from the following site ;

Short fly rods are the J.P. Ross specialty. They range from 5.0′ to 7.9′. Ron decided on a 7.0′ medium action rod which has the versatility of fishing small streams but bigger water as well. The website allows you to pick your grip, the reel seat and engraving, cap engraving, guides and other features. Ron and I cannot wait to put this rod to work on Cross fork Creek and others during our Pine Creek adventure in June.


2 comments on “Beaver Meadow Fly Rods

  1. Colby hill says:

    I’m so excited to see the new fly rod

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