The Fly Fishing Show, Lancaster,PA

Tim Brookens and I attended the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster, PA today. This was a great show which included exhibitors, seminars, and casting demonstrations. The highlight of the day for me was attending Lefty Kreh’s casting demonstration. Lefty is world famous and at 88 years old casts 70 feet with no effort. His technique is no less than perfect. We also attended Lefty’s seminar on taking better pictures and picked up some useful tips.

Mike Heck, local Orvis guide was among the fly tiers and my favorite fly shop – TCO was among the exhibitors ( We also got input from exhibitors on Young Woman’s creek in PA, the South Holston in TN ( and fishing wild brook streams and spring creeks in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley ( (Harrisonburg, VA).

Ofcourse, you cannot go to an event like this without spending some money on “stuff”. Lucky for us the wives came along and spent more than us shopping – not at the Fly Show! Now, we just need the weather to warm up so we can put our “stuff” to work.


2 comments on “The Fly Fishing Show, Lancaster,PA

  1. Ken says:

    Hey Uncle Took, getting my stuff together going to try to put some more time in this year with the fly rod, thanks to you and Uncle Ron I have lots more flies to beat the water with lol, I replaced my fly line with cortland WF 5 line attached it to the backing using the nail knot you showed me, and I got a 9 ft taperd leader 5x. Im having trouble getting that leader to attach to the floating line using the nail knot keeps slipping back through should I be using a different knot ? I remember the knot to attach tippit to leader. I really like your website Aunt Cindy told me about it
    talk to you soon Ken

    • Ken:
      Glad to hear you’re are getting the “bug”. The nail knot is the right knot to use for tying the tapered leader to the fly line. After you slip the knot over the fly ine, take your time and keep tightening both the leader and fly line ends. Then once good and snug, you can pull the lines tight. Let’s make sure we wet a line together this year!

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