Dream Catcher Fly Rods

I have been fishing with a bamboo rod made by Wyatt Dietrich, a local rod maker in Chambersburg, for about 6 years now and love it. It is a 7’6″ 4 wt. rod called “Timberfiddle.” I have used this rod on both small brook trout streams and larger creeks like Pine. My son Luke fishes with Wyatt’s Dream Catcher model called “Layla” (7′ 2″ 5 wt.) and has perfected fishing tough spots under overhanging branches.  Wyatt is now building rods originally made by George Mauer, a famous bamboo rod maker (www.sweetwaterrods.com). My rod collection mainly consists of 2 Winstons (8′ 6″ 5 wt. and 8′ 4 wt.), the 7 1/2 ft. bamboo and a 6 1/2 ft. Orvis Rocky Mountain. Obviously I was missing a rod in the 7′ category, so I fixed that this past week. Contacted Wyatt and closed a deal on a George Mauer 7′ 4wt. “48 special”. Can’t wait to put it to use! Check out the Dream Catcher web site or the Sweetwater rod site if you are interested in expanding your rod collection to a “cane pole”. You won’t be sorry.

2 comments on “Dream Catcher Fly Rods

  1. William Barrett says:

    i am trying to find Wyatt’s e-mail address

  2. bill barrett says:

    Whyatt I need your e-mail address.

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