Fly Tying

With a full time work schedule and since I would rather spend free time outdoors, I have not mastered the art of fly tying, and the multiple patterns I like to fish with. I do focus on a few, however, that are difficult to buy in a fly shop and to my liking – midges and gray hackle flies down to size #26 are good examples. In addition, my brother-in-law, Ron Hill, catches tons of fish on a western fly called a Crackle Back which I have also learned to tie courtesy of U-Tube in sizes #14 and #16. I have mentioned this fly on previous posts. So, I started tying these flies with some consistency a couple of weeks ago to help build up the stock for this coming season. My granddaughter Leah has also become interested and helps me….she clips thread and hands me tools like a “surgeon’s assistant”  and tells me how great the flies look so I feel like an expert. She will be an avid fly fisherman some day! Can’t wait ’til the weather warms up so I can put these flies into action.

4 comments on “Fly Tying

  1. Bass Man says:

    Hey “Troutscout”. Most of my fly fishing has been for bass & bluegills. I was wondering, Did you ever have any luck using the crakle back on any thing other than trout? Since I fish mostly for bass & bluegills I was wondering if the crakle back would work on them as well? If you have…. is there any color you would recomend? Thanks for any info.

    • I have never used the Crackle Back on bass or bluegills but I would guarantee it would work…especially if they were looking for bugs along the shoreline. The Crackle Back can be tied with a variety of colors on the body but I would think that yellow or green would be best. Ron Hill (my brother-in-law and fishing buddy) entices trout to come to the surface even when they are not actively feeding by twitching the fly. I’m sure this technique would work for bass and bluegills. Good luck and thanks for the question!

  2. Larry Haney says:

    Looks like you are getting ready for Pine creek.

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