The Yellow Breeches in September 2012

Every Fall, Trout Unlimited has their banquet. This is great affair and I usually reserve a couple tables.  Ron Hill (brother-in-law)  and his wife Lynn come to Chambersburg from New Castle PA to join my wife Cindy and me for the banquet and Ron and I manage to get some fishing in as well. On Saturday, before the banquet, Ron had a great day on the

Luke Coder with a nice Brown on the Yellow Breeches

Luke Coder with a nice Brown on the Yellow Breeches

Breeches (12) using Caddis and a western fly I tie called a Crackleback. Don’t you hate it when an outsider comes to your stomping grounds and catches most of the fish!!!! My son Luke and went back to the Breeches the last day of September and caught 21 wild browns. Later that day, Luke caught an 18 inch Brown on the Falling Spring.

2 comments on “The Yellow Breeches in September 2012

  1. T.J. Coder says:

    Would love to see a pic of the crackle back. Any particular time of year that it works best?

  2. The best picture cand be found by searching on google for “crackleback fly”. This fly can anytime during the summer and fall.

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