The Savage River in July 2012

Tim Brookens on the Savage River

Tim Brookens on the Savage River

July is always a fun time to fish because the Tricos hatch begins. As a matter of reference,  I usually use a #26 or #28 gray midge during a tricos hatch and have decent success. I spent most of the month fishing the Falling Spring near Coldbrook Avenue. My son Luke and I also fished Codorus Creek,  the Yellow Breeches, and the stream which runs through the Old Dam channel in Caledonia for wild brookies.

Tim Brookens and I spent the last weekend in July camping along the Savage River in Maryland. The Savage is a very difficult river to fish….fast water around big rocks….and difficult to get a drag free drift.  We managed to only land one fish…..a beautiful wild Brookie caught on a parachute hares ear.  Luke and I fished the Savage in 2011 and managed to catch a half a dozen fish and we thought we should have done better. Looking back now, we did extremely well. Every fish you catch on the Savage is colorful. The campsite is primitive but it is right beside the river. We will make this venture again next year!

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